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Lecture 9: Common Questions and Best Practices

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Introduce a song as new for 3 weeks in a row. Introduce people to parts of the song the first few times. When choosing songs, think of yourself as your congregation’s spiritual dietician and give them a balanced diet across a range of emotions and thought. The best songs seem to be ones that people can sing with and engage with. Know who you are leading worship for. Establish an understanding of how they hear you vs needing to say what you think. Respect the direction of the pastor. If you are younger than the pastor, you earn their respect by your character. Three levels of communication with your worship team: 1. Information, 2. Encouragement, 3. Insight. Pray for what you envision for your congregation. Christianity is not purely a thought, it’s the expression of thought…the Word became flesh.

Worship 10


I. How Do You Introduce a New Song to Your Congregation?

II. How Do You Choose the Best Songs for Your Congregation?

III. How do YOU Find a Balance Between Traditional and Contemporary Songs?

IV. How Do You Handle Auditions for the Worship Team?

V. How Do You Tell People That They Didn't Make The Worship Team?

VI. How Do You Handle It When Someone Needs to be Removed From the Worship Team?

VII. How to Collaborate With Your Pastor.

VIII. How Do You Best Communicate With Your Team?

IX. How Do You Follow the Leading of the Spirit When There is an Organized Plan?

X. What's a Worship Leader's Job When You're Not Singing?

XI. How Do I Use Production Elements Without Making it Feel Like a Show?

XII. How Can I Take My Team to the Next Level Musically?

XIII. How Do I Get My Congregation to Engage More?

XIV. How Do I Minister to People Outside the Realm of Worship?

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