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Combating Leviathan (Chapter 41)

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Leviathan is a ferocious creature that no human can subdue. God is saying that he is willing to oppose Leviathan and  is not frightened of Leviathan or intimidated by his boasting. God is the one who will defeat this enemy who seems unbeatable to humans. God tells Job that he will deal with Leviathan but God doesn’t tell him how he will do it. Job embraced God’s answer even though Job didn’t know how God would deal with evil.


I. God Makes Similar Comments About Leviathan as He Did About Behemoth

II. Translation Differences 41:9-12

A. Verse 9

Leviathan’s expectation of victory is false and will fail

B. Verse 10

He is not so deadly should someone ritually summon him. God is not fearful of Leviathan

C. Verse 11

Boasting by Leviathan

D. Verse 12

I will not be silent at his blathering words of boasting [Hebrew word badz means boast]

III. God's Attitude Toward Leviathan is Different From How He Regards the Beasts of the Field

A. God doesn't consider animals to be evil

B. Humans have tamed or killed a variety of beasts

C. The chaos of the animal kingdom does not threaten the human race

IV. Leviathan is Satan

V. God Can Only Destroy Evil By Destroying Creation

VI. God Leaves a Great Deal Unsaid

VII. The Significance of Level 3 Wisdom [1st level hochma, 2nd level, Level 3 wisdom is God’s secret wisdom that is counter-intuitive. You can’t find it in the world.

VIII. In Revelation 12, God Deals With the Dragon

IX. Conclusion

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