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Cleansing of the Temple

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The events in the Passion week inform us about the defining events in Jesus’ ministry, and what other people thought about him. Jesus talks about the events and signs of the end of the age.


I. Cleansing of the temple

            A. Significance of the Temple in Jerusalem

            B. By whose authority is Jesus cleansing the temple?

            C. Three parables in Matthew (Matt 21.28)

            D. Question about paying taxes

            E. Question about resurrection (Matt 22:23)

            F. Question about the greatest commandment

            G. Jesus asks, "whose son is the Christ?"

            H. Woes to the scribes and pharisees (Matt 23)

II. Olivet Discourse

            A. When will these things happen and what will the sign be?

              B. Abomination of desolation

            C. Summary of the end of the age

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