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The Biblical Training Institute offers one of the finest seminary-level educations on the planet. It is not accredited, so your class work will not transfer to another school, but we believe that the quality of our content and our educational theory will prepare people for real-life ministry.

These classes were recorded from some of the very best professors in the English-speaking world. They are broadly evangelical from a wide range of theological and denominational schools. For those of you who cannot afford to leave home and pay for a seminary education, this is as good as it gets.  

Our educational theory is holistic and balanced. It does not sacrifice the quality and rigors of traditional education in order to be practical, but it will help move you beyond the accumulation of data to personal spiritual formation and to ministry preparation.

Eventually we will have a series of educational cycles, and we will recommend you follow the schedule. Of course, you can explore topics in whatever order you wish.

We offer classes in four areas: Biblical Content, Spiritual Formation, Theology, and Ministry Skills. Most classes have a three-hour "summary" version. 

If you are looking more for lay-level education, check out the Certificates.