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The Biblical Training Institute offers some of the finest seminary-level classes from some of the top professors in the English-speaking world.


Biblical Content

Preparation for ministry begins with a thorough knowledge of the biblical text, an understanding of it overall structure and themes, and a detailed knowledge of specific key books.

Core Classes

Old Testament Survey, Dr. Douglas Stuart

New Testament Survey: The Gospels, Dr. Robert Stein
New Testament Survey: Acts – Revelation, Dr. Robert Stein

Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts, Dr. Craig Blomberg
Introduction to the New Testament: Romans – Revelation, Dr. Craig Blomberg

Life of Christ, Dr. Darrell Bock
New Testament Survey: Acts – Revelation, Dr. Tom Schreiner

How to read and understand the content

Biblical Hermeneutics, Dr. Robert Stein

Elective Classes

Biblical Greek, Dr. William Mounce

Greek Tools for Bible Study [Greek for the Rest of Us] (6 hours), Dr. William Mounce

Hebrews, Dr. George Guthrie


Biblical Spirituality

The process of moving the content and theology of the Bible must continue into the development of a Christ-like character in you. Without this stage, our righteousness will never exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, it will never become that deep obedience that must characterize all kingdom travelers.

Worship Dr. Gary Parrett



Biblical and Systematic theology helps us synthesize biblical content, learning the overall truths of the biblical text, and pushing those truths into our hearts.

Core Classes

Old Testament Theology, Dr. Paul House

New Testament Theology, Dr. Frank Thielman

Systematic Theology I, Dr. Bruce Ware
Systematic Theology II, Dr. Bruce Ware

Christian Apologetics, Dr. Ronald Nash

Church History I (Pentecost up to the Reformation), Dr. Gerald Bray
Church History II (Reformation to present), Dr. Gerald Bray

World Mission of the Church,  Dr. Timothy Tennent
Theology of World Missions, Dr. Peter Kuzmic

Choose two of the following

Introduction to Islam, Dr. Timothy Tennent
Introduction to Buddhism, Dr. Timothy Tennent
Introduction to Hinduism, Dr. Timothy Tennent

Elective Classes

Advanced Worldview Analysis, Dr. Ronald Nash

Christian Ethics, Dr. Ronald Nash

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought, Dr. Ronald Nash

Martin Luther, Dr. Gordon Isaac

Contemporary World Missions, Dr. Timothy Tennent


Ministry Skills

Once you have learned your content and theology, and once you have applied them personally in your own discipleship, it is time to learn how to use this knowledge and personal growth in the context of your community.

Developing Godly Leaders, Dr. John Johnson

Educational Ministry of the Church, Dr. Gary Parrett

Pastoral Theology, Dr. John Piper

Preaching, Dr. Bryan Chapell



Biblical Training

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