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Classes by Category: Theology

What do you believe about the Bible, Jesus, and yourself? What do you believe about other religions? Can you defend your faith and what you believe? These questions and many mor elike them are answered in these classes. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right theology classes.

Breaking the DaVinci Code Darrell Bock
Theology: Basic
Debunking the myths of the Davinci Code.
Understanding Biblical Theology Thomas Schreiner Miles Van Pelt Craig Blomberg
Theology: Basic
A three-part class on Biblical Theology
Introduction to Buddhism Timothy Tennent
Theology: Advanced
Detailed overview of Buddhism, and how a Christian can talk with a Buddhist.
Essentials of Old Testament Theology Paul House
Theology: Basic
The basic themes and teachings of the Old Testament.
C.S. Lewis: His Theology and Philosophy Michael Peterson
Theology: Advanced
The philosophy and theology of C.S. Lewis.
New Testament Theology Frank Thielman
Theology: Advanced
Seminary-level class on the New Testament.
Essentials of Islam Timothy Tennent
Theology: Basic
A summary of Islam.
Introduction to Wesleyan Theology Steve Seamonds
Theology: Advanced
How Wesleyan theologians approach theology.
World Mission of the Church Timothy Tennent
Theology: Advanced
An overview of worldwide missions today.
Christian Apologetics Ronald Nash
Theology: Advanced
This an introductory class to Christian Apologetics.
Sexual Complementarity John Piper
Theology: Basic
A complementation look at the relationships between men and women.
Christian Ethics Ronald Nash
Theology: Advanced
Basic introduction to pastoral and social ethics.