Classes by Category: Theology

What do you believe about the Bible, Jesus, and yourself? What do you believe about other religions? Can you defend your faith and what you believe? These questions and many mor elike them are answered in these classes. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right theology classes.

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought Ronald Nash
Theology: Advanced
Interaction of Philosophy and Christian thought through the centuries.
الحياةُ رحلةٌ Arabic Bill Mounce
Theology: Basic
كيف نبدأ علاقة جديدة مع يسوع؟ ما الذي يريده لنا، وكيف نتجاوب مع محبته؟
Church History I Gerald Bray
Theology: Advanced
The first 700 years of the Church.
A Guide to Christian Theology Dr. Breshears
Theology: Intermediate
An overview of what Christians believe, presented in clear, easy-to-understand terms.
Theology of the Reformers Timothy George
Theology: Advanced
The theology of Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers.
Church History II Gerald Bray
Theology: Advanced
Reformation through the Age of Reason.
Old Testament Theology Paul House
Theology: Advanced
The themes of the Old Testament.
Essentials of African Traditional Religion Timothy Tennent
Theology: Basic
The basics of common religion in Africa.
A Guide to Christian Beliefs Dr. Marshall
Theology: Basic
A summary of Christian beliefs.
La Vida es un Camino Bill Mounce
Theology: Basic
Reflexione sobre lo que significa ser seguidor de Cristo.
Essentials of World Missions Timothy Tennent
Theology: Basic
An introduction to Christian missions.
Advanced Worldview Analysis Dr. Nash
Theology: Advanced
How we look at reality, whether we know it or not.


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