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What do you believe about the Bible, Jesus, and yourself? What do you believe about other religions? Can you defend your faith and what you believe? These questions and many mor elike them are answered in these classes. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right theology classes.

Gravity and Gladness on Sunday Morning John Piper
Theology: Basic
Christian worship emphasizes the inward experience of the heart.
Church History I Gerald Bray
Theology: Advanced
The first 700 years of the Church.
Essentials of Buddhism Timothy Tennent
Theology: Basic
Basic teaching of Buddhism.
Understanding Theology Bruce Ware
Theology: Basic
Summary of an evangelical understanding of God.
Introduction to Buddhism Timothy Tennent
Theology: Advanced
Detailed overview of Buddhism, and how a Christian can talk with a Buddhist.
Church History II Gerald Bray
Theology: Advanced
Reformation through the Age of Reason.
Essentials of World Missions Timothy Tennent
Theology: Basic
An introduction to Christian missions.
Introduction to Wesleyan Theology Steve Seamonds
Theology: Advanced
How Wesleyan theologians approach theology.
A Guide to Christian Beliefs Dr. Marshall
Theology: Basic
A summary of Christian beliefs.
Desiring God John Piper
Theology: Basic
The pursuit of joy in life and ministry.
Gospel, Salvation, and Other Religions
Theology: Basic
A course on theology of religions.
Essentials of Worldview Analysis Ronald Nash
Theology: Basic
An introduction to the analysis of worldviews.