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Classes by Category: Ministry

Would you like to serve in your church but feel that you are not prepared? Do you want to work with hurting people but not sure how to handle difficult relationships, depression, spiritual abuse, and forgivess? Are you uneasy about leading your small group? These questions and many more are answered in these classes. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right ministry classes.

Legal and Political Issues in the Church Kevin Theriot Jeffrey Ventrella
Ministry: Intermediate
What should everyone, especially church leaders, in America know about the law and liability.
Biblical Eldership Piper
Ministry: Basic
Biblical overview of church leadership and governance.
12 Marks of a Healthy Board
Ministry: Basic
The Twelve indictors that your church board is healthy
The Worship Pastor and their Team
Ministry: Basic
Theology and practical suggestions for a worship pastor to plan and lead worship services and mentor his worship team.
Principles of Effective Leadership John Johnson
Ministry: Advanced
What is a leader in the church: definitions and values.
Spiritual Abuse Gerry Breshears
Ministry: Basic
When church leaders use their power to control the flock.
Spiritual Warfare Gerry Breshears
Ministry: Basic
A practical introduction to spiritual warfare.
Educational Ministry of the Church Gary Parrett
Ministry: Advanced
Introduction to the ministry of education within the church.
Ministry: Advanced
Your personal spiritual life and a biblical understanding of the priorities and strategies of ministry are essential to your personal spiritual development and the effectiveness of your ministry. 
A Short Course on Evangelism Dr. Tuttle
Ministry: Basic
Overview of Christian evangelism.
Traditions of Spirituality Don Davis
Ministry: Intermediate
How can evangelical Protestants be renewed?
Urban Church Planting Don Davis
Ministry: Intermediate
The challenges and solutions when planting churches in urban areas.