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Would you like to serve in your church but feel that you are not prepared? Do you want to work with hurting people but not sure how to handle difficult relationships, depression, spiritual abuse, and forgivess? Are you uneasy about leading your small group? These questions and many more are answered in these classes. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right ministry classes.

Theology and Practice of Evangelism Robert Tuttle Jr.
Ministry: Advanced
An in-depth look at the issues of evangelism.
Basics of Spiritual Growth Dr. Martyn
Ministry: Basic
How do you begin to grow spiritually? How do you continue to become more like Jesus?
12 Marks of a Healthy Board
Ministry: Basic
The Twelve indictors that your church board is healthy
Urban Church Planting Don Davis
Ministry: Intermediate
The challenges and solutions when planting churches in urban areas.
Worship Gary Parrett
Ministry: Advanced
This is a seminary-level class on worship and Christian formation.
Biblical Eldership Piper
Ministry: Basic
Biblical overview of church leadership and governance.
Dynamics of Christian Spirituality Glen Scorgie
Ministry: Basic
Introducing the dynamics of spiritual growth.
Developing a Leadership Culture in the Church
Ministry: Basic
Developing a leadership culture in your church is difficult, but necessary if you want your church to be healthy and thrive.
An Urgent Call to Shepherd Alexander Strauch
Ministry: Basic
The Apostle Peter in 1Peter 5:1-5, gives an urgent call to elders to shepherd the people of God.
Integrity of a Leader Bruce McNicol Bill Thrall
Ministry: Basic
Spiritual formation developed in community is essential to producing the character which results in lasting integrity in a leader.
Spiritual Warfare Gerry Breshears
Ministry: Basic
A practical introduction to spiritual warfare.
Essentials of Christian Education Gary Parrett
Ministry: Basic
An introduction to Christian education.