Classes by Category: Bible

Do you want to know the Bible better? Do you want the people in your church to become not only biblically literature but biblically mature? Do you want to move beyond head knowledge to true biblical wisdom? Then these Bible classes will be right for you. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right Bible classes.

Galatians Douglas Moo
Bible: Advanced
Paul's most emotional letter, with a summary of Pauline theology.
Hadithi Hamsini na Mbili Kuu Katika Biblia Swahili Bill Mounce
Bible: Basic
52 major stories of the Bible in Swahili.
Romans Douglas Moo
Bible: Advanced
The most important theological book in the New Testament.
New Testament Survey – Acts to Revelation Robert Stein
Bible: Advanced
Detailed overview of Acts through Revelation.
52 Stories of the Bible Bill Mounce
Bible: Basic
Learn the basic structure, stories, and characters of the Bible.
Acts by Craig Keener
Bible: Advanced
A class on the early years of the church.
Psalms Bruce Waltke
Bible: Advanced
Read, understand, and meditate authentically on the Psalms.
Proverbs Bruce Waltke
Bible: Advanced
In-depth discussion of how to read and apply Proverbs.
Revelation Robert Mulholland
Bible: Advanced
It is going to get bad, but remain faithful because God wins.
Old Testament Survey Dr. House
Bible: Basic
An overview the Old Testament, its basic structure and teaching.
Greek Tools for Bible Study Bill Mounce
Bible: Basic
Learn enough Greek to use the study tools better.
A Guide to Christian Beliefs, in Arabic
Bible: Basic
هذه الدروس التعليميّة الأساسيّة تساعدنا في فهم المعنى الحقيقيّ لعلاقتنا مع يسوع المسيح


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