Classes by Category: Bible

Do you want to know the Bible better? Do you want the people in your church to become not only biblically literature but biblically mature? Do you want to move beyond head knowledge to true biblical wisdom? Then these Bible classes will be right for you. Choose between basic, advanced, and intermediate to find just the right Bible classes.

History of the English Bible Daniel Wallace
Bible: Basic
A short class on the history of the Bible.
The Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Bible: Intermediate
An in-depth look at the charges against the historicity of the gospels, and the evangelical answers
Bible Survey Dr. Bert Downs Hindi
Bible: Basic
Get an overview of the Bible that puts the pieces together.
Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation Craig Blomberg
Bible: Advanced
An introduction to the epistles and Revelation.
The Book of Job, Dr. Duane Garrett
Bible: Advanced
Why do we serve God even when we experience suffering? If God is good and powerful, why do we see evil and suffering in the world? Job asks these questions and God answers him.
52 Stories of the Bible Bill Mounce
Bible: Basic
Learn the basic structure, stories, and characters of the Bible.
Bible Study Methods Strauss
Bible: Intermediate
This class will introduce you to the basics questions of how to study your Bible.
New Testament Survey Dr. Carl Laney
Bible: Basic
Detailed overview of the New Testament.
Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts Craig Blomberg
Bible: Advanced
An introduction to the Gospels and Acts.
Old Testament Survey Dr. House
Bible: Basic
An overview the Old Testament, its basic structure and teaching.
Why We Trust Our Bible
Bible: Intermediate
Discover why we can trust the Bible.
Essentials of Old Testament Theology Paul House
Bible: Basic
The basic themes and teachings of the Old Testament.


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