Free Online Bible Classes | Recommendation on how to use BiblicalTraining in your church

Recommendation on how to use BiblicalTraining in your church

We are thoroughly convinced, from personal experience and biblical teaching, that we learn best in community. Whether that be a small group, Sunday School, or one-on-one in a mentor-apprentice relationship, we learn best when we can gain the knowledge and then interact with someone over three primary issues:

  • What did I learn about God?
  • What did I learn about others?
  • What did I learn about myself?

Only after we have answered those three question we can delve into concrete, specific application.

In order to best achieve these goals, we have found the following to be the most effective learning experience.

  1. Listen to the lectures on your own.
  2. Get together to process the data, to talk about issues of character (God's, other's, and your own), and then to discuss how to apply what you have learned.

One of the major flaws of modern education is taking classroom time to “cover the material.”  Please don't waste valueable group time doing what you can do on your own. Our approach will be counter-intuitive for many people; however, after decades of teaching, we are convinced that using time together to cover the data and therefore not having time to process the information is the worst educational model possible.