Free Online Bible Classes | Notes from the pastor and an elder

Notes from the pastor and an elder

Bill interviews the lead pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, Tennessee. Almost 10% of their people are involved in a three-year program that takes them deeper into the Bible and theology. They discuss (1) the quality of BTI (BiblicalTraining Institute), (2) how the people have gone deeper in their understanding of the Bible and don't need to rely on the church leadership (the "bus protocol"), and (3) how easy it is for other churches to do the same thing.

From the Pastor

Our church has been using Biblical Training as the engine for our intensive discipleship program. The wide variety of coursework available through BT has made it possible for us to customize our curriculum in a way that meets our particular objectives.  Biblical Training has been a Godsend to our Church. Literally!

I used to worry about the future of our church. History has shown that too many churches have exchanged orthodox convictions for novelty and ambiguity. All it takes is a leader with a gilded tongue to lead the many into error, but I no longer fear that future for Fellowship. With so many of our people well versed in biblical truth, I know that orthodox faith is now deeply ingrained in our DNA. Thank you Biblical Training for making the truth so accessible to so many.

Eugene Brandt
Fellowship Bible Church
Jackson, TN

From an Elder

In 2012, Fellowship Bible Church partnered with BiblicalTraining to develop a 3-year custom curriculum that included biblical content, theology, and interpretation. It quickly became popular with a large and diverse segment of our adult congregation. We currently have 128 people enrolled in 16 different “Fellowship U” classes, with a significant number already having graduated.

Each year consists of two 15 week semesters.  Students are provided study notes from the website and assigned weekly lessons that can be listened to through the BiblicalTraining website or their mobile apps. Classes of 10 to 20 people then gather for a weekly discussion led by a facilitator. This way, we let the best teachers from BiblicalTraining do the teaching, and all we need to do is find qualified facilitators. Our participants enjoy being able to listen to lessons on their own time. Class time is used for interactive discussions, which helps build relationships and creates discipleship opportunities. 

Charles Campbell
Founding Elder
Fellowship Bible Church
Jackson, Tennessee

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.