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Biblical Training Seal

New Believers

These classes will help new followers of Jesus start their spiritual journey well, pointing them in the right direction.

Biblical Training Seal

12 Week Commitment

Life is a Journey

This is our basic discipleship class that works for both new believers as well as for folks who have been in church for years.


Most of the seminars are 3 to 10 hours and work great for small groups as well as for nurturing your board. Check out especially the seminars in Small Group Dynamics and Spiritual Warfare.

Biblical Training Seal

One Year Commitment

One Year Committment (9 months)

52 Major Stories of the Bible

The Bible is one continuous story filled with adventure, heroes and villains, triumph and defeat, good and evil, love and jealousy, plot twists and ultimately, a happy ending. As you read each of the short Bible stories along the way, you begin to see how the Bible stories combine to form the structure of the one big story. The individual characters and their experiences of tragedy and triumph draw you into their Bible stories and help you see the overarching themes of cosmic love, judgment and redemption.

New Testament Survey: Its Structure, Content, and Theology

This New Testament Survey class will fill your minds with biblical truth, integrate these facts with your beliefs, and then challenge you to be changed, individually and corporately. This is a university-level class but taught in the church for the church.

Foundations Bible Diploma ($495)

Image of sample diplomaOur nine-month Foundations Bible Diploma program covers the core classes in our Foundations program, but it does so with specific start and finish times. There is a schedule to follow (which many people find helpful), everyone is discussing the same topics when they get together, our mentoring tools allow the mentor to track the participants' progress, and at the end, the participant is awarded and handsome diploma.

New Believers

Life is a journey, and it needs to be started well. New believers need your help, walking with them, teaching them, answering their questions. This program will help you help new believers begin their spiritual journey well,  introduce them to the process of growing up in Christ, show the big picture of the Bible so they can read it better, and give older Christians the opportunity to mentor younger Christians.

What do I believe?

This program takes you through a series of classes to help you understand what you believe, and why. In the process, it will challenge you to make those beliefs your own.

Bible Survey (Certificate: $145)

These classes give you a succinct overview of the Bible and then takes you in more details through the Old and New Testament.

How to Study your Bible

Even for those who have attended church for years, many do not know how to study the Bible for themselves. Where do I start? What am I looking for? How do I get answers to the questions I have whenever I study. These series of courses will help answer these questions.

Defending My Faith

How do I defend my faith against skeptics? Are the people in my church ready for the attacks from secular society and aggressive atheists?

Helping Others

These seminars cover some of the basic issues that many of us struggle through such as depression, forgiveness, spiritual abuse, counseling, and spiritual warfare. Learn how to walk with your friends through their difficult times.

Spiritual Growth

How do you grow to be more like Jesus? What encourages growth? What obstacles hinder growth?


What is worship, and how is it to be led? How can people worship in Spirit and truth?

Marketplace Ministries (certificate, $95)

Many people spend far more time in the marketplace than they do in the church. How do they represent Christ in this critical mission field? How do business leaders apply biblical principles to their leadership and interaction with others in the marketplace in such a way that Christ is glorified and men and women are born into the Kingdom of God? In this certificate, you will find a variety of topics, from Theology of Work to Mentoring to Theology and Economics to Implementation of Theology of Work.

Biblical Training Seal

Three-Year Commitment


This three-year course of study draws from the more advanced classes from our Academy and Institute programs. This program was developed and is currently being used at Fellowship Bible Church, in Jackson TN (see video above) and has made a significant impact on the church. While the classes are more challenging, no one has dropped out because they are too difficult.

BiblicalTraining Institute

The BiblicalTraining Institute will be a three-year graduate level program that will be ready by Fall, 2020. The classes are all recorded, and these classes will hopefully be able to be taken for university or graduate credit. We want to encourage churches to accept the responsibility of raising up their next generation of leaders, and not sending their young people off to a strange land where they come back ill-prepared and in debt.

Biblical Training Seal


Leadership Program

The heart of is to help you identify, prepare, and nurture your lay leadership. Use our different classes/programs to teach them the Bible and theology, and then work through the process of preparing future leaders and nurturing existing leaders.

Certificate in Biblical Leadership (certificate, $145)

The role of the elder is critical to the health and ministry of the local church. In this certificate, experienced church leaders share helpful insights that will benefit every senior church leader.

Certificate in Christ-Centered Leadership (certificate, $195)

Dr. Rick Sessoms from Freedom to Lead International takes you through four courses on how to be a Christ-centered leader to help you shape the culture in your church, lead teams, lead through change, and learn to be a peacemaking leader. This certificate is designed for pastors, elders, deacons, or anyone who is currently a leader or wants to take a leadership role in the local church.

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