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We learn best in community. Whether that be a small group, Sunday School, or one-on-one in a mentor-apprentice relationship, we learn best when we can gain the knowledge and then interact with others.

The church is God’s chosen means by which his Great Commission will be fulfilled, both in evangelizing new followers and discipling them into a deeper walk. We are here to help you succeed.

  • Small groups. Our seminars cover specific topics of interest in six thirty-minute sessions. Whether it is biblical or theological topics, world religions or church history, we have a wide selection of seminars that will help your church learn and grow.
  • Committed groups. Our Foundation Diploma Program is a nine-month scheduled program of classes that provides a comprehensive education for those committed to their spiritual growth. Those who complete the program are sent a diploma of completion.
  • Seminary classes. Many people, whether parishioners or staff, will want to go in-depth in a subject, studying at a seminary-level just like their pastor. Our Institute classes are taught by some of the top scholars in the world. For example, the staff at a church in Ohio meets every Monday morning to listen to another lecture in Dr. John Johnson’s class, Pastoral Care and Leadership, and then spends an hour discussing what they have learned.
  • Customize. In 2012, Fellowship Bible Church partnered with BiblicalTraining to develop a 3-year custom curriculum that included biblical content, theology, and interpretation. It quickly became popular with a large and diverse segment of our adult congregation. They currently have 128 people enrolled in 16 different “Fellowship U” classes, with a significant number already having graduated.

How to attend. Our strong recommendation is to have people listen to the lectures on their own, and save the precious time together to discuss and process what they have learned. One elder writes, “This way, we let the best teachers from BiblicalTraining do the teaching, and all we need to do is find qualified facilitators. Our participants enjoy being able to listen to lessons on their own time. Class time is used for interactive discussions, which helps build relationships and creates discipleship opportunities.”—Charles

A pastor’s view. “I used to worry about the future of our church. History has shown that too many churches have exchanged orthodox convictions for novelty and ambiguity. All it takes is a leader with a gilded tongue to lead the many into error, but I no longer fear that future for Fellowship. With so many of our people well versed in biblical truth, I know that orthodox faith is now deeply ingrained in our DNA. Thank you BiblicalTraining for making the truth so accessible to so many.” —Eugen

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Three Programs

We have three levels of programs to meet the various educational needs of your church.

FOUNDATIONS is a lay-level set of classes that are appropriate for all the people in your church, from new believers to elders.

ACADEMY contains university-level classes for those who want to go deeper.

INSTITUTE are graduate-level classes that are especially appropriate for traing staff and for continuing education.

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Foundations Diploma

Image of sample diplomaOur nine-month Foundations Bible Diploma program covers the core classes in our Foundations program, but it does so with specific start and finish times. There is a schedule to follow (which many people find helpful), everyone is discussing the same topics when they get together, our mentoring tools allow the mentor to track the participants' progress, and at the end, the participant is awarded and handsome diploma.

Three Year Commitment

This three-year course of study draws from the more advanced classes from our Academy and Institute programs. This program was developed and is currently being used at Fellowship Bible Church, in Jackson TN and has made a significant impact on the church. While the classes are more challenging, no one has dropped out because they are too difficult.

If you want to learn more about how your church or ministry can use, we would love to speak with you.

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The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.