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Church and State

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This course covers the influence of the church and their separation from secular activities; the attempt to run the cities involving church power and political power. Calvin’s influence in Geneva is covered and his attempt to influence France.


Church and State

• Calvin has influence in city of Geneva

• The church: the most important institution

o The church’s structure

o The recognition of the church

• Secular rulers and the church’s approval

• The reformation: supported by secular powers

• Thomas Erastus’s view on the church and state(1524-1583)

• Zwingli’s view on the church and state

• Anabaptists’ view on the church and state

• Calvin’s view on the church and state

o The problems with Calvin’s proposal

• Calvin and his attempt to influence France

• Calvin’s key to success

• The role of education and the ministry

o Calvin’s 3 pillars of an educated minister

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