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Christology in the Synoptics: What Jesus Thought About Himself

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Jesus claimed to be God by the titles he used to refer to himself, by what he said and did, and by dying and then coming back to life. The Gospels record that the evidence for the divinity of Jesus was so overwhelming, that even Jews who had a strong tradition in worshiping one God who is a spirit, were compelled to worship Jesus as God, even though he was a man.


Christology in the Synoptics: What Jesus Thought About Himself

1. The nature of Jesus' death

a. Jesus clearing the temple

b. Jesus' claims that he is God

c. Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)

d. Jesus predicts his suffering, death and resurrection 3 different times

e. Jesus teaches about his kingship in parables

f. Jesus' baptism

2. The nature of Jesus' relationships

3. Instances in which Jesus accepts worship, prayer and faith

4. Jesus acts as God's agent for final judgment

5. Metaphors applied to Yahweh are also applied to Jesus

6. Intimate relationship with God the father characterized by Jesus calling him "Abba."

7. "Truly I say to you,"...

8. Jesus talks about "being sent"

9. The meaning of Jesus' death

10. Validation of the Jesus' resurrection

11. Messianic titles used when referring to Jesus

12. How could monotheistic Jews believe that Jesus is God?

13. Lasting theological implications of the deity of Christ and his resurrection

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