Marks of the Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis (part 2)

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There is a sacred quality to ordinary activities as well as symbolic religious rituals. Whatever is true in any field of study is God’s truth. The world is essentially good, but it’s been damaged. God has taken a great risk in allowing people free choice for good or evil. Evil has become present in many forms in the world and it is anti-creational and anti-human. We are not broken, but we are bent. God’s nature is relational because of the nature of the Trinity, so it makes sense that he would make a universe that is relational. We dwell in God and he dwells in us. As disciples of Christ we all share the single vocation of loving God and others.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 1c


Marks of the Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis (part 2)

I. Marks of the Christian Mind (cont)

A. Sacramental orientation

B. Deep regard for the human person

C. Concept of truth

D. Recognition of evil

E. Sensitivity to the suffering of others

F. Commitment to community

G. Understanding of the concept of vocation

II. C.S. Lewis Movies

A. Lewis and Tolkein

B. C.S. Lewis’s conversion experience


40 min

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