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This an introductory class to Christian Apologetics.

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About this Class

These lectures were given at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida during the fall of 2001.



Lecture 21

David Hume's rational arguments against miracles and responses to those arguments.

Lecture 22

Two miracles central to Christianity are the incarnation and resurrection.

Lecture 23

The question of whether or not Jesus is the only savior touches on pluralism, inclusivism and exclusivism.

Lecture 24

Pluralism is the view that all religions have salvific value.

Lecture 25

Inclusivism is the view that even though the work of Christ is the only means of salvation, it does not follow that explicit knowledge of Christ is necessary in order for a person to be saved.

Lecture 26

Salvation is totally the work of God and all children who die in infancy are elect of God.

Lecture 27

Discussion from a biblical perspective of God's character and attributes.

Lecture 28

Open theists believe that God does not have a perfect knowledge of the future.

Lecture 29

Divine omnipotence and divine omniscience are two attributes of God.

Lecture 30

When contemplating life after death, remember, Jesus has been there and come back. Will you commit your life to him or reject him?


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