Free Online Bible Classes | Christian Anthropology (Part 2)

Christian Anthropology (Part 2)

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It's important to keep Christ at the center of who you are. Interiority includes memory, intellect, will. Augustine says will is most important.In addition to our personal thoughts, we exist in community with others who are submitting their lives to the will of Christ. The Lord has placed us in a certain place and time and wants you to live a life of obedience in that context every day, not just one day a week. The Father is seeking to form your life into the image of Christ as you were meant to be. Through our experiences, God forms you into a unique person. On the relational side, this results in compassion for others because we love others with the same love we experienced. God gives us confidence that he has given us the gifts and resources we need to live out the calling he has given us. Competence that our ministry will be effective. Our courage comes from trusting in the strength of the Lord. Community, the work of God’s Church is a work done with others. Confirmation comes internally from God and externally from the community of faith. 


Christian Anthropology (Part 2)

I. Field Theory

A. Mystery of God as revealed through Christ

B. Your interior life

C. Your relational life

D. Your here and now life

E. You are a global citizen

II. Implications of the Field Theory in Your Daily Life

A. At the center is the mystery of the Trinity

B. Congenial

C. Compassion

D. Confidence

E. Competence

F. Courage

G. Community

H. Cooperation

I. Confirmation

J. Tension between firmness and gentleness

III. Conclusion

A. How do you keep a balance between working on internal issues and community issues?

B. Cooperation with the Spirit as well as cooperation with others