Christian Anthropology (Part 1)

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It's important for us to understand how our relationship with God is affected by being born at a certain period of time and in a certain society. The vital is the physical dimension of the human life. Vitalism is where your physical pleasures become the priority in your life.  Functional is the roles, tasks and responsibilities we take on. It’s a problem when we allow our roles and responsibilities to define us, which is functionalism. Transcendent is the longing for the “more than.” Pneumatic/Ecclesial level is the capacity the Lord has given each of us to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit, God’s voice. When ambition gets separated from the leading of the Spirit, it can become self-promotion. Functional Transcendence is you using the things of God for self-gain.


Christian Anthropology (Part 1)

I. Socio-Historical

A. Formative

B. Deformative

II. Vital

III. Functional

IV. Transcendent

V. Pneumatic/Ecclesial

VI. Dynamics and Expressions

A. Socio-Historical – pulsations from society that influence you to act and think in certain ways.

B. Vital – physical pulsions that can result in impulses and compulsions that we experience from our physical body.

C. Ambitions – ambitions work themselves out into projects.

D. Transcendent – longing for a transcendent ideal in your life often resulting in a vision for a way to relate to others

E. Pneumatic/Ecclesial – the Holy Spirit always points to Jesus. He inspires us and it leads to an invitation.

F. Functional transcendence is the greatest danger to the church – greatest danger to the church when God becomes subservient to us because we view his purpose as making you a more successful person.

G. You are called to live a transcendent functional life – the values of Christ as revealed in the Bible determine how you function in your life.

H. What should your life look like today?

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