Christ-centered Leadership

Christ-centered Leadership

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About this Class

Dr. Rick Sessoms from Freedom to Lead International discusses the key aspects of organizational development: creating a healthy church culture, leading teams, leading through change, and leading through conflict. This course is a brief summary of the full course, which can be found here.


Lecture 1

What is culture? Why is it important for church leadership?

Lecture 2

Positive and negative aspects of organizational culture.

Lecture 3

The values and assumptions underlying culture and how to begin to shape them.

Lecture 4

Five primary ways that Jesus dealt with culture.

Lecture 5

Teamwork is the will of God for the people of God.

Lecture 6

Essential factor for effective teams: common, clear, and compelling purpose.

Lecture 7

Essential factor for an effective team: understanding roles.

Lecture 8

How to make decisions as a team.

Lecture 9

The dynamics and effects of change in the church.

Lecture 10

Strategies for effective change in the church.

Lecture 11

How do we know if change is appropriate?

Lecture 12

How conflict and leadership intersect.

Lecture 13

How do you and your church view conflict?

Lecture 14

Crafting a culture of peace in the church.

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