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Study materials for the Chapel Hill Bible Church Teaching Cohort.

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Lecture 1

Christian formation focuses on the process of becoming more like Christ.

Lecture 2

The Torah contains the essence of what God wants us to know. Jesus clarifies and exemplifies the Torah.

Lecture 3

A CORE curriculum should be Comprehensive, Orthodox, Reforming and focused on Essentials. Delivery systems may include bible studies, small groups, Sunday school and sermons.

Lecture 4

Tailoring curriculum by taking into peoples' physical and spiritual developmental stages can make teaching more effective.

Lecture 5

Tailoring curriculum by taking into peoples' physical and spiritual developmental stages can make teaching more effective.

Lecture 6

A key element for effective education to take place is for teachers to know their students relationally.

Lecture 7

Effective teachers know their audience and avoid attitudes and expressions that would create obstacles to communication.

Lecture 8

Asking the right questions about the curriculum and the audience can help you identify what information to emphasize and how to present it effectively.

Lecture 9

How you define teaching determines content and strategy.

Lecture 10

Effective teaching engages the whole person.

Lecture 11

When preparing curriculum, an effective teacher will take into account both the content and the audience.

Lecture 12

In expository preaching, unity is accomplished when the elements of a passage are legitimately shown to support a single major idea that is the theme of a sermon.

Lecture 13

If we speak with the voice of Jesus, it is important that we speak the message of Jesus throughout the whole of scripture. The goal is to understand how all Scripture focuses on Christ. This is the unifying principle that binds all Scripture together.

Lecture 14

How do we look at Scripture and see a redemptive message everywhere we turn? The goal is to understand how to interpret Scripture so as to communicate the Christ who is there. Our messages must proclaim that all is a result of God's grace, both salvation and sanctification.

Lecture 15

How do Christ-centered messages effect change in the way we live our lives each day? We obey God because we love him, not to avoid punishment or to get things from him. Threatening people with punishment or enticing them with "stuff" cause people to respond to God out of selfish motivations. Encouraging people to obey God because of our love for Him and gratefulness for His love for us produces holiness. If grace is not put into the equation of human works and divine acceptance, then legalism or moralism results. The rules don't change but the reason we obey changes. We motivate by grace, not by guilt.

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