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1 John - Chapters 1-3

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John makes a distinction between acts of sin and continuing in sin.


General Epistles

Part 9

V.  1 John (part 2)

A. Introduction


B.  Content (part 1)

1.  Chapters 1-3

a.  Chapter 1

i.  Similarity to the Gospel of John

ii.  Refutation of the Christological error

iii.  Contrast between light and darkness

iv.  Opposition to perfectionism

v.  Acts of sin vs. practice of sin

b.  Chapter 2

i.  First sign of Christian faith

ii.  Where were the commandments found?

a)  Old Testament teachings

b)  Scriptures

c)  Oral gospel traditions

d)  Apostolic teachings

e)  The letter itself

iii.  Second sign

c.  Chapter 3

i.  Continuing in sin vs. acts of sin

ii.  Third sign

iii.  Fourth sign

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