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The change that is happening in your life. “Conversion” means you converted from one thing to another. In your case, you changed from not being a disciple of Jesus to being one. It also means that God is now at work in your life, starting to make you be more like Jesus. Does this surprise you? What actually happened when you became a Christian? What does this new life as a follower of Jesus look like? Does my life change automatically?


I. Changed people

A. Separation from God

B. Repentance

C. Dead in sin, alive in Christ

II. What happened?

A. Before conversion

S. At Conversion

D. Baptism

III. What does this new life look like?

A. Discipleship

B. "Fruits of the Spirit"

IV. How do I change?

A. Change is not automatic

B. God enables you

V. Conclusion

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