CEU Credits

Do you want to take CEU credit classes that really matter?

If you are a Christian school teacher or ministry staff member who needs to earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits, BiblicalTraining.org is an ACSI approved provider and offers the certificate programs below that qualify for CEU credits in biblical studies. Click here for more information about ACSI CEU's.

When you complete the quizzes for each lecture, we send you a certificate, the information that ACSI requests on BT letterhead, and an electronic copy of the ACSI information.

  • They are taught by well-known seminary professors who give you quality instruction in their area of expertise.
  • The reflection questions challenge you to apply what you are learning to love God more and serve others better.
  • We anticipate that as a result of taking these Certificates, you will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of Scripture, your daily relationship with God and others will be transformed, and you will satisfy your Continuing Education Units requirements.
  • You may decide to use one or more of these classes as the foundation for your classroom curriculum at the secondary level. If so, please contact us so we can work with you to enroll your students.

Certificates and classes for CEU credits

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Earn a certificate in biblical studies.
Qualifies for ACSI 4 CEU credits.

Certificate in Theological Studies

Earn a certificate in theological studies.
Qualifies for ACSI 5 CEU credits.

52 Major Stories of the Bible

Dr. Bill Mounce
Qualifies for ACSI 5 CEU credits.