Certificates are programs of study on a particular topic that contain lectures, study guides and other handouts. When you successfully complete the quizzes for all the lectures in that certificate, you will receive a certificate of completion.

We also offer certificates for CEU credit for those needing ACSI continuing education credits. If you are a teacher in a K-12 Christian School that belongs to ACSI, you can see the certificates that meet the ACSI criteria for Continuing Education units in biblical studies by clicking here. At this time, we do not offer college or seminary credits or degrees for completing a certificate. Click here to learn more.


Certificate in Biblical Studies

This certificate provides an overview of the content and themes in the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Bert Downs gives us a broad overview of the whole Bible, Dr. Paul House walks us through the Old Testament, and Dr. Carl Laney takes us through the New. Lectures in this certificate total about 25 hours.

Certificate in Theological Studies

As ministry leaders, we have a responsibility to share the Good News of God to men and women who desperately need to know him. This certificate focuses on how to communicate the gospel in an increasingly pluralistic world. Lectures in this certificate total about 33.5 hours.

Certificate in Marketplace Ministry

Many people spend far more time in the marketplace than they do in the church. How do they represent Christ in this critical mission field? How do business leaders apply biblical principles to their leadership and interaction with others in the marketplace in such a way that Christ is glorified and men and women are born into the Kingdom of God? In this track you will find a variety of topics, from Theology of Work to Mentoring to Theology and Economics to Implementation of Theology of Work. Lectures in this certificate total about 17 hours.

Certificate in Biblical Leadership

The role of the elder is critical to the health and ministry of the local church. In this certificate, experienced church leaders share helpful insights that will benefit every senior church leader. Lectures in this certificate total about 18 hours.

Certificate in Christ-Centered Leadership

This certificate focuses on how to be a Christ-centered leader. With over 16 hours of content, this certificate is designed for pastors, elders, deacons or anyone who is currently a leader or wants to take a leadership role in the local church.