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What People Are Saying

I took the Foundations in Biblical Studies and love that the Certificate Programs, whether you are taking it as an individual or with a group, is a self paced program. The layout and programs on the website is very easy to follow. The lecturers are top notch and really get you to think more deeply about God's word.  I would recommend these programs, and website, to anyone who is looking to have a deeper understanding of the bible and closer relationship with God.  I can't wait for the next Certificate Program to be announced.
I am half way through Understanding Theology. WOW! This is such a great idea. I feel like a seminary student who gets to attend in the comfort of his home. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you guys for doing this.
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The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.