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BiblicalTraining's Certificates

  1. These are introductory level classes grouped by subject. Most of them are in the Foundations section.
  2. All the courses are recorded. You may listen to them at any time at your own pace. Each Certificate includes classes, a student's guide or workbook for each class, and a 5 question multiple choice quiz for each lecture. You access the quiz for each lecture on the lecture page by clicking on the Quiz link in the blue bar near the top. 
  3. The quizzes are automatically graded. We print and mail you a certificate when you complete all the quizzes in the certificate with a passing grade. You may retake each quiz until you pass it. 
  4. We don't grade the work you do in the student's guide or workbook but we encourage you to study with a mentor or small group.
  5. To participate in a group, you either create a group and invite others, or you can join a group of someone you know. There are not any "open" groups at this time because of security and privacy issues.
  6. The enrollment fee is different for each certificate depending on the number of lectures and is displayed on each certificate. The enrollment fee helps us cover some of our costs of creating and maintaining the certificates and printing and mailing each certificate.
  7. If you do not want access to the quizzes or a printed certificate, you may listen to the lectures at no charge by going to the Course page in the Foundations or Seminars section and clicking on the Enroll Now and the Checkout buttons.
  8. You can see the certificates we offer by clicking here.
  9. The certificates are not accredited for college or seminary credits or degrees. However, if you are interested in working toward an undergraduate or graduate theological degree, you may contact Okanagan Bible College by clicking here. They offer online mentoring and use the courses in the Institute section, which are seminary level courses, as the basis for their curriculum. [You may access courses in the Institute section at no charge, but we do not have tests or assignments on the website to evaluate your progress.]
  10. After you enroll in a certificate, to access the courses click on the My Account heading in the upper right corner, then under the My Certificates heading click on the Certificate Title, then click on the course title. Do not access the course by going to the Foundations or Institute sections and enrolling in the course for free, or it will block your access to the quizzes. Also, if you listen to the lectures on the app, do not click on the Enroll in this Course button or your access to the quizzes will be blocked.

While you are welcome to attend any classes or lectures you wish, our strong recommendation is that you commit to an entire course of study. To encourage this, we have Certificates that walk you through an entire course of study. You will be able to:

  • learn in community by giving your group a common learning path,
  • receive tangible mile markers as they progress through the content,
  • and when done, receive a Certificate celebrating their achievement (click here to see sample).
  • If you are a school teacher at an ACSI member school, you can earn CEU's from ACSI.

You can begin anytime and work through the classes at your own pace. Each class in the Certificate section has audio and/or video lectures, outlines and reflection questions that you can download. There is also an online quiz for each lecture. You listen to the lecture, take notes to go along with the outlines, and then take some time to reflect on the discussion questions. Write out your answers, then meet with your mentor and/or small group to process what you are learning.

After you listen to each lecture, take the online quiz by clicking on the Assessment tab on the lecture page, and then the Start Quiz button. The multiple choice questions are graded automatically. When you pass all the quizzes, we mail you a certificate of completion. At this time, our certificates are not accredited for college or seminary credit. However, if you teach at an ACSI member Christian school and want to meet ACSI requirements, you can take the certificates that ACSI has approved for CEU credits in biblical studies.

Certificates are for people who are working at the Discipleship level, people in the church who want to grow spiritually, and especially for people moving into lay leadership such as elders. You can attend a Certificate on your own, but they are specifically designed for small groups, elders, and the like who want to work together. Of course, the small group could be individuals scattered throughout your church, community, or country. You can read detailed directions on how to get started with the certificate program (enrolling, taking a class, taking a quiz, etc.) by clicking here. (This uses the previous version of the website, but will be updated soon)

All of the content in BiblicalTraining is given away for free except for these certificates. The enrollment fee for each one corresponds to the number of lecture hours in it. In order to pay for all the new content, we ask that people honor the copyright, which means that the audio and printed resources should not be shared with people who have not paid for the Certificate.

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