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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a certificate?

The cost of the certificate depends on the number of lectures in the classes. Please check the Certificates page for the price of the certificate you are considering.

Is it possible to earn seminary or college credit by completing a certificate?

No. The classes for certificates are introductory level classes grouped by topic. We offer certificates of completion in order to give you a tangible record of completing a specific course of study. Our goal is to provide information and questions that encourage you to apply the information in order to love God more and serve others better, but we are not accredited to offer classes for seminary or college credits. We are an approved provider with ACSI, so some of our certificates meet their standards for your continuing education requirements. You can see a list of certifcates approved by ACSI by clicking here.

What are the requirements for completing a certificate?

You must pass each of the quizzes associated with the class by scoring 80% or higher. The quizzes are multiple choice/true-false/fill-in-the-blank/matching and are based on the content of the lectures. We suggest that you take notes as you listen to the lectures to help you review the information in preparation for taking the quizzes. We recommend that you take time to write out answers to the reflection questions and discuss them with others. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Is there a specific time frame for starting or completing the certificate?

No, you start and finish on your schedule. It is a completely self-paced program. If you join with a group, the group may set certain guidelines for completion, but there are none from

Where do I find the quizzes?

When you are ready to take a quiz, you click on the "Assessment" heading on the lecture page. After you complete the quiz, you will receive an email indicating your score. You can also check your login page and click on the My Results tab for the scores of all the quizzes you have taken.

When do I receive my certificate?

When you complete the quizzes for all the lectures in your certificate, you will see a Survey to fill out. When you complete the survey and indicate your name as you want it to appear on your certificate and verify your mailing address, I will mail your certificate to you.

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