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Certificate in World Religions & Evangelism

Dr. Timothy Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary walks you through an overview of three of the major world religions and shares approaches to evangelism in light of each belief system. You will also learn some essential facts from Dr. Gordon Isaac concerning church history from the early church, through the reformation, the Great Awakening, and the modern-day church.


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    Missions & Evangelism
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Dr. Bruce Ware
An overview of Genesis through Malachi.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
An introduction to Christian missions.
Dr. Gordon Isaac
A summary of church history.
Dr. Douglas Stuart
Basic overview of the entire Old Testament.
Dr. Craig Blomberg
Overview of New Testament themes
Dr. Timothy Tennent
Basic teaching of Buddhism
Dr. Timothy Tennent
A summary of Hindu beliefs.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
A summary of Islam.