Essentials of the Old Testament

Essentials of the Old Testament

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About this Class

This class contains five summary lectures of the full course, Old Testament Survey. These lectures are an overview of the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi.


Lecture 1

Introduction to the content and themes of the Old Testament.

Lecture 2

Description of the structure and teachings of the Old Testament Law.

Lecture 3

The story of how the Israelites conquer the promised land and begin to live there. God gives the Israelites victory and prosperity, they forget God and disobey His law, God punishes them, they repent, and God raises up a "judge" to deliver them, and they become prosperous. The cycle is repeated.

Lecture 4

Historical setting of each of the prophets, and analysis of the content and literary style of their messages.

Lecture 5

Wisdom is the ability to make right choices in life. Different types of poetry in these books have a central theme that wisdom comes from God.

Student's Guide

Essentials of the Old Testament, Student's Guide
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