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Certificate in Christians in the Marketplace

Many people spend far more time in the marketplace than they do in the church. How do they represent Christ in this critical mission field? How do business leaders apply biblical principles to their leadership and interaction with others in the marketplace in such a way that Christ is glorified and men and women are born into the Kingdom of God? In this certificate you will find a variety of topics, from Theology of Work to Mentoring to Theology and Economics to Implementation of Theology of Work.

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Theology of Work
Dr. Gerry Breshears
What is God calling you to do? Is his calling only for pastors and “professional ministers” or is it something that applies to all of his people?
Implementing a Theology of Work
Mr. Kent Humphreys
Building bridges between pastors and workplace leaders.
Business as Mission
Taught by a team
How business can expand the kingdom of God.
Mentoring in the Marketplace
Taught by a team
How to mentor others in the workplace.
Theology and Economics
Dr. Greg Forster
Why connect theology and economics?
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