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Certificate in Biblical Studies

Would you like to have a basic understanding of the structure of the Bible that will in turn help you understand specific biblical passages that you read and study? Are you tired of reading verses that make no sense but you want to understand where they fit into the overall story of the Bible and what they mean? Do you know parts of the Bible but don't know many others? This certificate will give you a broad overview of the entire Bible with a focus on its structure and themes. 

Dr. Bert Downs gives us a broad overview of the whole Bible, Dr. Paul House walks us through the Old Testament, and Dr. Carl Laney takes us through the New.

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Bible Survey Dr. Bert Downs
Dr. Bert Downs
Get an overview of the Bible that puts the pieces together.
Understanding the Old Testament
Dr. Paul House
An overview the Old Testament, its basic structure and teaching.
New Testament Survey Dr. Carl Laney
Dr. Carl Laney
Detailed overview of the New Testament.
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