Foundations in Biblical Studies - BiblicalTraining

This certificate provides an overview of the content and themes in the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Paul House from Beeson Divinity School walks us through the Old Testament and Dr. Craig Blomberg from Denver Seminary takes us through the New.

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The purpose of this class is to give you an appreciation for the unity of the Old Testament by helping you understand the characters, plot, structure, themes and historical settings. It is for beginning students. It is for people who may know pieces of the Bible, but who want to put the whole picture together. It’s for people who love the Bible and want to know more about it. It is fine for people of different ages: young readers, old readers, new Christians, and old Christians. All need to understand the wholeness of the Bible.  (12:10)
This course is an overview of the content and themes of the New Testament by Dr. Craig Blomberg. 10 hours.