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Centrality of Christ and God in Paul's Theology

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Two of the themes Paul emphasizes throughout his epistles are the glory of God in Christ and God being magnified in Christ. Paul preaches to both Jews and Gentiles and emphasizes these truths in a way that each group can understand. He also explains God's call on his life and the authority God has given him to preach the gospel.


I. The Basic Claim

a. The Preeminence of Christ

1. Colossians

2. Romans

3. Galatians

4. 1 Corinthians

5. Philippians

6. 2 Corinthians

b. The Glory of God and the Glory of Christ

1. The Failure to Honor God is the Root Problem

2. Honoring God with our Bodies

3. Honoring God with our Money

4. Honoring God in our Relationships

5. Finding our Satisfaction in God

c. God's Great Work for us in Christ

d. Spreading the Knowledge of Christ

1. Paul's Testimony of Conversion

2. Paul's Testimony of his Missionary Goal

3. Paul's Testimony to the Gentiles

4. Paul's Testimony about the Necessity for Gospel Preaching

5. Paul's Summons to Pray for Mission

6. Paul's Call to Persevere

II. Conclusion

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