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Caesarea Philippi & Transfiguration

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After Simon Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ, Jesus begins teaching about his death and focuses his efforts on teaching the twelve. The Transfiguration was a significant event because the pre-existent glory of Jesus broke through and it was also a preview of future glory.


The Life of Jesus

Part 5

I.  Caesarea Philippi

A.  Turning Point in Jesus' Ministry

1.  Confession of Jesus as Christ

2.  Jesus begins teaching of His death

3.  Jesus concentrates His teaching on His disciples

B.  Historicity of Event

1.  Place name associated with event

2.  Harsh rebuke of hero

C.  The Rock Saying of Matthew 16:17-19


II.  The Transfiguration

A.  Scene

1.  A high mountain

a.  Mt. Tabor

b.  Mt. Carmel

c.  Mt. Herman

2.  Point is not where but what

B.  Temporal Tie

C.  Transfiguration was for disciples what the Baptism was for Jesus

D.  The Error of the Disciples

E.  Tie with Caesarea Philippi

F.  What was involved in the Transfiguration?

1.  Pre-existent glory broke through

2.  Preview of future glory

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