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Global Voices: Stories of Church Planting from Around the World

Global Voices: Stories of Church Planting from Around the World

"May these case studies awaken you to many new faces of global Christianity. Prepare to be encouraged, prepare to be amazed, and most of all, prepare to join in this great global expanse of the gospel!"

—TIMOTHY C. TENNENT, President and Professor of World Christianity,
Asbury Theological Seminary

“Around the world, church-planting strategies are changing—from geographical area to languages to people groups; from cross-country to cross-culture; from international to national; from native to locals—thus becoming a people’s movement. I believe that this book will give readers a “global" vision and strengthen their missional commitment to plant churches among unreached people groups in one’s own land and culture, and beyond. I am sure this book will become a strong force to move both individuals and churches to join this great movement."

—Bishop JOHN GOLLAPALLI, Free Methodist Church of India

“The studies contained in this volume provide a window into the joys and challenges of church planting, as well as a glimpse into the creativity, commitment, and willingness to risk that marks the men and women involved in this work. This is an important read for anyone engaged in evangelism and the creation of new places to reach new people with the gospel."

—KIMBERLY D. REISMAN, Executive Director, World Methodist Evangelism

Global Voices features eight stories of God’s activity to reach the lost through global church planting in Jerusalem, India, Canada, England, Columbia, China, Kenya, and New Zealand. The stories came out of the Global Church Planting Summit that Asbury Theological Seminary hosted in Manchester, England, in June 2017.

Edited by Winfield Bevins, Director of Church Planting at Asbury Theological Seminary, this compilation of case studies paints a picture of the diverse array of global church-planting testimonies. It inspires reflection, conversation, and collaboration. Each voice offers valuable lessons for those who want to learn more about what God is doing in and through the global church. Whoever you are—whether a missionary on the back streets of Beijing, China, or a missional leader in the suburbs of Houston, Texas—may this resource help you join in God’s mission with great insight, perspective, and excitement.

EDITOR: Dr. Winfield Bevins.

GLOBAL VOICES: Dr. Paul Chang, Dr. Ricardo Gómez and Elizabeth Gómez, Rev. Wayne Hilsden, Rev. Dr. Patrick L. Murunga, Rev. Christian Selvaratnam, Rev. Graham Singh, Rev. Clint Ussher, and Rev. John Varghese.

OTHER CONTRIBUTORS: Dr. W. Jay Moon, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, and Dr. Gregg Okesson.

THE CHURCH PLANTING INITIATIVE AT ASBURY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY was born out of a heart to serve and equip church leaders in an increasingly multicultural, secular, and global context. Their vision is to equip church leaders for planting new churches and re-missioning existing congregations so they can become reproducing disciple-making movements. We offer a variety of training opportunities, assessments, and resources to equip church leaders to fulfill the Great Commission as they live out the missio Dei in their local context of ministry. Find out more at www.asburychurchplanting.com.

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  • Author: Timothy Tennent
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 1095556835
  • ISBN-13: 9781095556832
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