Doing Theology with the Reformers

Doing Theology with the Reformers

The Reformation was a time of tremendous upheaval, renewal, and vitality in the life of the church. The challenge to maintain and develop faithful Christian belief and practice in the midst of great disruption was reflected in the theology of the sixteenth century. In this volume, which serves as a companion to IVP Academic's Reformation Commentary on Scripture, theologian and church historian Gerald L. Bray immerses readers in the world of Reformation theology. He introduces the range of theological debates as Catholics and Protestants from a diversity of traditions

  • Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, and Anabaptist
  • disputed the essentials of the faith, from the authority of Scripture and the nature of salvation to the definition of the church, the efficacy of the sacraments, and the place of good works in the Christian life. Readers will find that understanding how the Reformers engaged in the theological discipline can aid us in doing theology today.
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    • Author: Gerald Bray
    • Publisher: IVP Academic
    • Publish Date: 2019-01-01
    • ISBN-10: 830852514
    • ISBN-13: 9780830852512
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