Free Online Bible Classes | Bookmark Our CBD Link on Chrome

Bookmark Our CBD Link on Chrome

Step 1: Go to's home page

Find the ChristianBook link along the bottom of the page. Right click (or Control-click on the Mac) and select "Copy Link Address."

Step 2: Bookmarks Manager

Go to the Bookmarks menu and select "Bookmark Manager."

Step 3: Right click (control click for the Mac) on Bookmarks Bar

This will create a new bookmark. Go down to Add Page

Step 4: Save the bookmark

Save the bookmark under some name like "BT | CBD." and then paste the link into the field on the right


Step 5: Use this link to shop at CBD

To go to CBD, start by clicking on the bookmark. You go straight to CBD and BiblicalTraining receives the affiliate fee.

Thanks for the support!


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