Lecture 8: Acts (Part 2), Galatians, and 1 Thessalonians

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A summary of the book of Acts beginning with the third major section starting at Acts 9:32. Also, a summary of the background and contents of Galatians and 1 Thessalonians. (39 min.)

Acts (Part 2), Galatians, and 1 Thessalonians


I. Acts (part 2)

A. Acts 9:32–12:24

1. Peter’s Vision

2. Cornelius’ Conversion

3. The Gospel Moving Out

B. Acts 12:25–13:3

1. The Focus Shifts to Paul

2. The Pattern of Paul’s Ministry

C. Paul’s Missionary Journeys

1. The First Missionary Journey (13:4–14:28)

2. The Jerusalem Council (15:1-35)

3. The Second Missionary Journey (15:36–18:22)

4. The Third Missionary Journey (18:23–21:16)

5. The Trials of Paul in Jerusalem and Caesarea (21:17–26:32)

6. Paul’s Journey to Rome (27:1–28:31)

D. Four Key Theological Emphases

1. God oversees the progress of the Church.

2. The message of Christianity centers on the resurrection of Jesus.

3. The offer of salvation is for all people.

4. The Church will flourish despite opposition.

E. Two Key Applications

1. Understanding the Nature of Salvation

2. Looking for Lessons for the Church Today

II. Galatians

A. Background

1. Recipients

2. Date: A.D. 49

3. Paul’s use of the word “bewitched” (3:1)

B. Keys to Understanding Galatians

1. Understanding the Law

2. Debating with the Judaizers

C. Outlining Galatians

1. Paul Defends His Authority (1:1–2:14)

2. Paul Defends Justification by Faith Alone (2:15–4:31)

3. Paul Describes the Nature of Christian Freedom (5:1–6:17)

D. The Theology of Galatians

1. The Charter of Christian Liberty

2. Perverting the Gospel Through Requirements for Salvation

III. 1 Thessalonians

A. Background

B. Outline

1. Greeting and Exhortation (1:1–3:13)

2. A Call to Godly Living (4:1-5:28)


Name Description
1 Understanding the New Testament - Quiz 8

This quiz covers the material in Understanding the New Testament, Lesson 8 – Acts (Part 2), Galatians, and Thessalonians.


  • What was the significance of Peter’s rooftop vision in Acts 10? Why do you think it was so difficult for Peter to accept the gospel being given to the Gentiles?  What groups of people or persons would you have difficulty sharing the gospel with? Spend some time this week in prayer for those people.
  • On all three of Paul’s missionary journeys he experienced persecution.  How did Paul respond in the face of this persecution?  In what ways are you persecuted for the gospel? How do you respond?


  • From the book of Galatians, what passages would you use to defend the truth that salvation is by grace through faith alone, and not by works of the law? Why would these verses be a source of comfort to the believer?  How could someone use these verses to condone sin?
  • In light of the second coming of Jesus, how should this motivate a believer to live? How much time do you spend thinking about and praying for the return of Christ?  What about your life would look different if you knew the Lord was returning tomorrow?


39 min

Other resources

Recommended Reading

From Pentecost to Patmos, pp. 43-149.

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