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July 19, 2018
Dr. Bryan Chappell

What is the goal of preaching?

What I've tried to say to you this week is that it is important to keep Christ in our Christian messages. That sounds so simple but as you think on the implications of not only what I've been saying, but perhaps what I've done in the past and what you've done in the past, you recognize that it's very easy not to have Christ in our messages.
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April 7, 2014
Dr. Ronald Nash

What are the five most important issues of worldview thinking?

The five most important issues of worldview thinking: 1) The question of God - Is there a God, what is God like?  2) The question of ultimate reality - Which philosophers describe with the technical word metaphysics- how old is the universe? How did the world get here? What is the relationship between the universe and God. And then the question of knowledge. Is knowledge possible?  3) How do we know the truth? - Is truth relative or is truth absolute and unchanging? 
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February 12, 2014

What texts do Hindus regard as sacred?

Hinduism has a number of sacred books that are collectively part of their corpus of sacred literature. The earliest and most ancient and in some ways I guess the widest held to be given authority is a group of four collections of works known collectively as the Samhitas, but are individually known as the Four Vedas: The Rigveda, the Samaveda, the Yarjurveda and the Atharvaveda.
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February 5, 2014

What was Martin Luther's theology of the Word of God?

Luther sought to make the Word of God the starting point and the final authority of his theology. As a professor, the Bible was for him of paramount importance, and it was in it that he found an answer to his anguished quest for salvation. But this does not mean that he was a rigid biblicist.
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January 29, 2014

What is the significance of Jerusalem in the Bible?

Watch this. Let me just give you a point of discontinuity right off the bat, that is also continuity at the same time. In the Old Testament Prophets, the goal is all of the time to get into Jerusalem. That is the high water mark of Israelite life: to make Jerusalem the center of everything. So they are in Egypt and then they are in Israel and then they are in Judah and then they are in Jerusalem. So finally, David conquers Jerusalem. Then he has the temple (well, Solomon builds it). But there is the temple, the palace and all that stuff and Jerusalem is the center of the universe.
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