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March 26, 2019
Dr. Bill Mounce

How Big is Your God? (1 of 52)

Life has a way of making God small in our eyes. We go through painful times, or get busy and focused on the details of life, or we become overly-impressed with ourselves and think we are in fact the center of the universe. There are many things that can make God seem small, and at the same can often seem to make our problems big. Genesis 1 helps us to lift up our eyes, see the enormity of God, and trust him in the difficult times of life.
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March 15, 2019

What does it mean to forgive another person?

Forgiveness is the grace to start over. We are sinners and the consequences of our sinning spread like blood in the water. Inevitably we experience its painful effects in our relationships. Whenever we hurt someone else we try to rationalize our actions and make excuses for what happened. When others hurt us we want revenge and if we give in to that desire for revenge a vicious cycle of violence develops.
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September 12, 2018

Canonical Model and Self-Authenticating

Summary: Below is an excerpt from Dr. Michael J. Kruger's class on the Self-Authenticating Model and the canon. In this class, he addresses the question, “How do we authenticate the canon in such a way that we don’t undermine its authority?” Dr. Kruger takes you through the Community Determined Model and the Historically Determined Model and the fundamental problems in each of those models. He then presents the Self-Authenticating Model and discusses why this model is the only one to authenticate the canon because it uses the canon to do so and not outside sources which would undermine its authority.
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July 27, 2018

What does "original sin" mean?

Summary: The word "original" in the phrase original sin is ambiguous. Original sin has to do with how the bias toward sinfulness is passed on to, or originates in, each individual person subsequent to Adam or after Adam and his sin. It does not have anything to do with where sin came from in the first place. What we know from Scripture is that God created a good world in which all there was good, so the question is "how do you end up with evil from what is entirely universally good?"
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July 25, 2018

What is divine providence?

Summary: The fundamental idea of providence is God guiding history to his appointed end. In his providence, God includes people that are acting according to their own decisions. It is not deism nor pantheism, and it is not determinism. Rather, God is actively involved in this world. The whole point of our hope in Christ is that God, in his divine providence, will be with us always. God is present and among us. We invite you to listen to a theology course at to study how God is working on his good plan in the upholding of creation and the direction of all things toward his ultimate goal.
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