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August 7, 2019

Is God Righteous?

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Is God righteous? Is God just? Does God reward righteousness and punish wickedness? I think when we get involved in the pains of life and things do not go in life as we think they should this becomes one of the fundamental questions that the Christian has to answer. Because if God is not righteous, if he is not just, if he doesn't reward righteousness and punish wickedness, then everything else in our theological system falls apart.

That is what the book of Job is all about: it's about the righteousness and the justice of God. It is about the freedom of God to act in ways that he deems best and his call to us to trust him. I really encourage you to listen to the 18th lesson in the class 52 Stories of the Bible, where we deal with the Book of Job and this question of the justice, the righteousness, and the freedom of God.

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