What are the five most important issues of worldview thinking?

The five most important issues of worldview thinking:

1) The question of God - Is there a God, what is God like? 

2) The question of ultimate reality - Which philosophers describe with the technical word metaphysics- how old is the universe? How did the world get here? What is the relationship between the universe and God. And then the question of knowledge. Is knowledge possible? 

3) How do we know the truth? - Is truth relative or is truth absolute and unchanging? 

4) And then ethics - What are the principles of right and wrong behavior? Are those principles absolute and unchanging? 

5) And then the fifth of these would be what do we know about human nature? - What is a man? What is a woman? What is a human being? Are we just bodies and when that body dies does that mean the end of the human being or is there conscious existence after death?

See Dr. Nash's Essentials of Worldview Analysis for more on these five questions.

Curious Christian: 


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The only comment I have on the bloggers premise is that there is another viewpoint, namely Qohelet's who had some insights on the meaning of life. Perhaps he should be considered alongside the other philosophers.

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clarashii 6:36pm March 26, 2015

Im a Christian since birth and from a nation of christian believers, I have faith in God and all his creations, I've watched several documentaries about Jesus life and you cannot blame me as a person if I start to ask questions of what was really the history of Christ whether he had a wife and children or did he live a life of celebacy, why do the church keep secrets from us...

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