March 12, 2013

Spiritual Warfare Resources

Here are some good resources to complement Dr. Breshears' Spiritual Warfare course on BT:

I am answering questions at Solid Rock Church on March 10. I have complete certainty that there will not be enough time to even begin to answer all the questions. So I am putting a few good resources up for people to look at.

The materials are here: or you can follow this link:!412&authkey=!AO0o7O_2vAVeWpo

My articles include “Demon Principles”, “Three Models of Spiritual Warfare”, “Rogue Deliverance”, and “Warfare Bibliography.” There is an inductive study for those who want to examine the key Scriptures. There are also three articles by Sam Storms, Pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City and a set of notes from a psychiatrist to help with thinking through demons and mental illness.