December 6, 2012

The State as the Antichrist: Revelation 13:1-18

Nazi Germany was a dramatic example of a modern state that demanded total allegiance. Religious leaders who had the courage to speak out and resist Hitler were jailed and killed. What Dietrich Bonhoeffer prophetically said in 1933 before the evil of Nazism was evident to all, “For should the leader allow himself to succumb to the wishes of those he leads, who will always seek to turn him into an idol, then the leader will gradually become the image of ‘misleader.’ This is the leader who makes an idol of himself and his office, thus mocking God.” Bonhoeffer was executed because of his resistance to the deification of the state a few days before the liberation of Germany by the Allies.

We see such a deification of the state in Revelation 13.

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