Continuing Education | Free Online Bible Classes

Once you have completed your core classes, our encouragement is to get more involved in ministry, and continue to learn within the context of relationships and ministry. Hopefully, you can finish these classes in three to four years.

There are 17 classes in the curriculum, and you should choose 2 more electives. Along with the core classes, this forms a 30 class curriculum.

Biblical Content

These two classes will give you the tools to go much deeper in your education.

Dr. William MounceGreek Tools for Bible Study
Dr. William Mounce

Essentials of Hebrew for Bible Study

Choose two of the following Old Testament classes

Planned classes:
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
Wisdom Literature

Choose two of the following New Testament classes

Dr. Darrell BockLuke-Acts
Dr. Darrell Bock

Dr. Douglas Moo


Dr. George Guthrie

Dr. Robert Mulholland

Planned classes:
Inductive Bible Studies: Matthew, Dr. Michael Matlock
General Epistles

Biblical Theology

Dr. Paul HouseOld Testament Theology
Dr. Paul House

New Testament Theology
Dr. Frank Thielman

The Theology of Ministry
Dr. John Johnson

Choose one of the following classes on world religions

Dr. Timothy TennentIntroduction to Islam
Dr. Timothy Tennent

Introduction to Buddhism
Dr. Timothy Tennent

Introduction to Hinduism
Dr. Timothy Tennent


Dr. Timothy TennentWorld Mission of the Church
Dr. Timothy Tennent

Dr. Gordon IsaacEssentials of Church History
Dr. Gordon Isaac
The people events and movements that shaped church history from the life of Jesus to the twentieth century.

Biblical Spirituality

Dr. Robert TuttleTheology and Practice of Evangelism
Dr. Robert Tuttle, Jr.

Ministry Skills

Dr. Gary ParrettEducational Ministry of the Church
Dr. Gary Parrett

Dr. Bryan ChapellPreaching
Dr. Bryan Chapell

Planned classes:
Exegeting Culture (Preaching 2)
The Nature of Communication