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21. Qal Infinitive Absolute

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Chapter Overview

Listen to Miles' Chapter Overview


Overheads (PowerPointPDF)

Chapter Material

  1. Read this chapter from beginning to end, but do not study it carefully until you have listened to the lecture. Like the Infinitive Construct, the Infinitive Absolute is not inflected for person, gender, or number. There is only one form to memorize and that is given with a number of strong and weak verbs in 21.4. It is not difficult to master the form of this Infinitive if you study 21.2-4 with diligence. In 21.6, we detail four primary uses of the Infinitive Absolute. Be certain that you study each of the illustrative examples for each usage, especially the emphatic which is presented first.

  2. Listen to Gary's full lecture

  3. Study the chapter. Additionally, we study in this chapter two particles that are used with frequency in the Hebrew Scriptures.

  4. Listen to the vocabulary (Biblical examples)


Please complete the following exercises:

  1. Parsing: 1-23 on pp. 173-174

  2. Translations: 1-5on p. 174

  3. Bible Translations: 1,2,3,6,9 on pp. 175-176

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I spot the difference between Qal Infinitive Construct and Infinitive Absolute?

  2. Is there a shorthand way of practicing diagnostics?


  1. Exercise 5 (page 174)

  2. Exercise 1 (page 175)

  3. Exercise 2 (page 175)

Correct your homework with the answer key


  1. What is the similarity between the Infinitive Construct and the Infinite Absolute?

  2. What diagnostic stem vowel indicates the Qal Infinitive Absolute?

  3. What are the most common uses of the Infinitive Absolute?

  4. How are the particles of existence (בִּלְתִּי לְבִלְתִּי) and non-existence (Ny)', NyI)0a) translated?

  5. Are you able to easily distinuish the formative vowel pattern of the Infinitive Construct from that of the Infinitive Absolute?

  6. Do you understand the important observation made in 21.3.2?

  7. Are you able to easily recognize the spelling of the Infinitive Absolute in those weak verb categories that are studied in 21.4.1-3?

  8. Are you clear on how to parse both Infinitives (20.8 and 21.5)? Be certain that you know because you will be asked to parse many Infinitive Constructs and Infinitive Absolutes on the quizzes and exams.

  9. Have you carefully studied each of the Bible examples that have been chosen to illustrate the four usages of the Infinitive Absolute (21.6)?


Quiz (answers)

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