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Hebrew Prepositions

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Chapter Overview

Listen to Miles' Chapter Overview


Overheads (PowerPointPDF)

Biblical examples (PDF)

Chapter Material

  1. Read pages 37-40 in English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew.

  2. Read this chapter from beginning to end but don't study it carefully until you have listened to the lecture. All of this material on prepositions is for recognition. In the first read through, just get a good sense of the basic categories of prepositions.

  3. Listen to Gary's full lecture

  4. Study every section of the chapter carefully, especially 6.5-6.7. Be diligent with the vocabulary for this chapter. Prepositions tend to be a little more difficult to memorize as vocabulary.

  5. Listen to the vocabulary


Please complete all the exercises on pp. 25-28 in the Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook(excluding the composition exercise which begins on the bottom of p. 26). For the Bible translations on pp. 27-28, you may need to consult the Hebrew-English Lexicon in the back of the grammar for unfamiliar words. The lexicon begins on p. 446.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How will I know if a word has both the definite article and an inseparable preposition, since the h of the definite article is replaced by the consonant of the preposition?

  2. What happens to the n of the Preposition Nmi ?


  1. Exercise One (page 27)

  2. Exercise Two (page 27)

  3. Exercise Seven (page 27)

  4. Exercise Nine (page 28)

Correct your homework with the answer key


  1. True or False: Maqqef prepositions are prefixed directly to their objects.

  2. What happens when  מִן  is prefixed to a Hebrew word beginning with a guttural?

  3. Before consonants with Vocal Shewa, the inseparable prepositions are spelled with ________.

  4. What happens when an inseparable preposition is prefixed to a word with the definite article?

  5. List and explain the three special uses  מִן  of that were highlighted in this chapter:

  6. Do you fully understand every summary point in section 6.8?

  7. Do you understand how the inseparable prepositions may be spelled (6.4)?

  8. Have you studied, with utmost care, sections 6.5- 6.6 and do you understand the three uses of this preposition?

  9. Read section 6.10. We think that you'll find it interesting.


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