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26. The Piel Stem - Strong Verbs

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Chapter Overview

Listen to Miles' Chapter Overview


Overheads (PowerPointPDF)

Chapter Material

  1. Read this chapter from beginning to end, but do not study it carefully until you have listened to the lecture. Carefully study the intensive, factitive, denominative and iterative meanings of the Piel verbal stem. The intensive and factitive (or transitivising) are the two most important of the four uses of this stem.

  2. Listen to Gary's full lecture

  3. Read the chapter. Study the diagnostic points of spelling for the Piel strong verb in the Perfect, Imperfect, Imperative, Infinitive Construct, Infinitive Absolute and Participle. The one distinctive point of spelling which marks each of the conjugations in the Piel stron verb is the Daghesh Forte in the second consonant of the verbal root. As you will see in the next chapter, this Daghesh Forte is present in many Piel weak verbs as well. It is important to observe, however, that other distinctive points of spelling will be more helpful in identifying Piel verbs. Master all of the diagnostics for the Piel strong verbs.

    While we do not normally require the material presented in an Advanced Information section, you should read 26.16 so that you will understand why the distinctive Daghesh Forte in the second root consonant of a Piel verb may be lost.

  4. Listen to the vocabulary (Biblical examples)


Please complete the following exercises:

  1. Parsing: 1-20 on pp. 211-212

  2. More Diagnostics: 1-10 on p. 212

  3. Translations: 6-15 on p. 213

  4. Bible Translations: Genesis 37:6-10 on p. 214


  1. Exercise 3 (page 213)

  2. Exercise 4 (page 213)

  3. Exercise 9 (page 214)

Correct your homework with the answer key


  1. Name the most important diagnostic features for the Piel strong verb. Although not diagnostic, the stem vowel is normally ________ throughout the Piel conjugations.

  2. True or False. Like the Pual and Hithpael strong verb inflections, the Piel strong has Daghesh Forte in the 2nd consonant of the verbal root.

  3. What is the distinctive prefix of the Piel Participle? This same prefix also occurs on what other stem Participles?

  4. Do you clearly understand the intensive and factitive meanings of the Piel Stem?

  5. Have you observed that the most important and diagnostic feature of Piel Spelling (for each of the conjugations) is the Pathach under the first consonant of the verbal root? This is the determinative spelling feature of Piel verbs. If this observation comes as a surprise, review the forms of each Piel conjugation in this chapter. You will not enjoy success with Piel weak verbs (Chapter 27) unless you have recognized the importance of this diagnostic point of spelling.

  6. Are you keeping up with the memorization of vocabulary?


The quiz for this chapter is included in Chapter 27.

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